April 26 , 2009
Wow. I have not updated this site in a LONG ASS TIME. Sorry. Althrough I am pretty sure if you found this site, you know where my LJ is, and as such see the fic as it is posted. If not, then here are the stories I have finally gotten around to adding:
From the Tomorrow verse: Warm Hands in the Night, Strong (For You), As I Lay Dying, and Wake.
Superbat additions: (Don
't) Throw Away the Pieces, Wish.
And my long abandoned original otp, clex: To The End (an older fic I never even realized was missing from this site), and Distorted.
As always, you can find the summary, warning, pairing, category, rating, etc., for all fics on the main index pages.
And finally, wow, this place looks butt ugly nowadays so expect a redesign in the near future.

January 17, 2008
Redesigning because I'm bored and haven't done it in a while. The site hasn't been updated in some time because my computer died and I was without for a month and a half. Sorry! That means, however, that Consume Me is done, along with a couple other fics. Also, SuperBat now has its own section, because apparently Bruce/Clark pwns my soul now. Yes, I wrote pwns. Shut up. There's a first time for everything. Lazy Days and Just One Scar Away (From Falling to Pieces) are the two latest superbats fics I have written.

September 22, 2007
Consume Me has been updated with the fourth part. I've also put up my new Supernatural fic called Hide in the Shadows, Step Into the Light.

September 7, 2007
It's been far too long since I've had time to update the site, but I do have things to post. I've delved into the land of RPS, so there is yet another new button to click down there. My first RPS fic is a J2 one called Coming Home. Also, the third chapter of Consume Me is up! And a wee!chester fic about how Dean got his leather jacket is also posted - it's called When You Need a Friend. Oh! And Wrong Turn - a crossover of Smallville and Supernatural. There's just not enough Lex/Dean in the world.